How large format printing can bring your brand to life

large format printing brand

Cutting through the noise in a retail space, exhibition or event can feel like an impossible task. Through all the colour, crowds and competition, the businesses that stand out are the ones who offer a point of difference and focus on customer engagement. With the right execution, large format printing can bring your product or service to life, drawing eyes to your business and resulting in sales.

Creating customer experience through large format printing:

• Customers are drawn to impressive visual cues and the bigger the better when it comes to making an impact.
• Big, bright and bold are the keys to drawing customer attention and once they engage with your signage, they engage with your brand.
• Execution is integral, Splash Colour ensure that your signage is high quality and fits your space specifications.
• An exciting design will help bring your brand or product to life. Splash Colour Imaging can help you create a visual that will land your message at a glance.
• Have a flair for making a design impression? We can take your idea and art and make sure it translates brilliantly in large format signage.
• Quick turnover can make or break your results. We pride ourselves on turnover and delivery time to ensure you have peace of mind and plenty of time to activate your vision.

Your business branding tells a story and brilliant signage can create a customer experience that will leave a lasting effect.

If you have the vision, we at Splash Colour Imaging, have the skills and experience to ensure that you steal the show with a low-cost option that delivers high impact through impressive high-quality signage. With over 20 years’ experience and the ability to custom design to your specifications, Splash Colour Imaging is ready to be your first point of call for when you want to give your brand the big, bright and bold touch.

Give the team at Splash Colour Imaging a call or click here to send us a message today so we can work with you to create ideal custom signage for any occasion.

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How large format printing can bring your brand to life

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