shell scheme printing

Shell scheme printing: 3 important things to consider

In a busy exhibition hall, it can be easy to blend into the background. With so many businesses competing for attention in a small space, it is important to do everything possible to make your exhibition space stand out. Shell scheme printing is a great way to attract the right kind of att...

roll up banners x-stand banners

Roll up banners vs X-stand banners

When you’re planning an event or exhibition, it can be tricky to decide what kind of banner will serve your purposes best. Two of the most popular options are roll up banners and X-stand banners, but what exactly is the difference and which should you choose? This blog should help yo...

sale banner

Tips for making a sale banner

You might think simply having a sale is enough to have customers running to buy your products, but this is not the case. Although having a sale will certainly make your audience interested, it’s your sale banner that is responsible for catching their interest. Here are some tips on h...

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