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Tips for Making an Effective Sale Banner

Posted By  Image Alt  James Altham
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You might think simply having a sale is enough to have customers running to buy your products, but this is not the case. Although having a sale will certainly make your audience interested, your sale banner is responsible for catching their interest. Here are some tips on making your sale banner the best it can be.


Traditionally, sale banners are recognised by the colour red. If your brand colours aren’t red, then seeing a Bash of this colour in your window will tell passersby what’s going on without them even needing to read your banner. Using a bold red is especially useful if you have a big sale or need to shift products more quickly, as it’s so obvious. However, more and more brands are being creative with their sale banners. You could experiment with other colours for a more on-brand effect for more minor sales.


You might think the most important thing to write on a sale banner is the word sale itself. Although this is undoubtedly an option, you can also opt for writing a percentage. A more general sale sign is ideal if you have a variety of reductions on offer, but if you’ve committed to offering 50% or more off, then advertising this will certainly get people’s attention. Another common tactic is having a small ‘up to’ before the percentage, indicating that there is a range of reductions on offer but still grabbing attention with the most prominent figure.

Use occasions to your advantage

Along with your sale information, adding descriptors to your sign can be a good idea. For example, is your sale in honour of Black Friday or seasonal? Maybe it’s a Back to School or festive sale. Either way, linking the event to current events is a great way to stay relevant and ensure you’re on the same level as your competitors, who may also be taking advantage of them. To learn more about sale banners and other forms of large format printing, get in touch with Splash Colour today. We can accommodate a wide range of design requests so that your sale can be as successful as possible.

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